161 Games Left

April 6, 2012

Wow! Holy Ground Hog Day all over again. Did I just witness the Red Sox losing another game on a walk-off single to left field? Was that Austin Jackson starring as Robert Andino and Alfredo Aceves as Jonathan Papelbon? Will this slide toward the abyss of absolute despair never end? Does it seem like total destruction’s the only solution? Will I never again be able to sing only redemption songs? Where is Bob Marley when I really need him? Can I see no tunnel at the end of the light? Wait a minute! Didn’t I also see Jon Lester pitching superbly (wounded only by Dale Scott’s curiously one-sided strike zone), Mike Aviles playing a flawless shortstop, Ryan Sweeney hitting well and coming up with a clutch triple (putting the winning run on 3rd base with two outs), and Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez grinding out hits in the top of the 9th inning while down two runs?  Is it just me, or does this post have too many question marks?  Where can the answers be found?  Ah, yes. The answers my friend are blowing in the wind.  Oh no! Now I need Bob Dylan to provide the answers to lead me out of Desolation Row.  Hmmmm…. One down and 161 to go.


Back to the Bitbucket

April 24, 2010

Since baseball season has started, it’s time to get off my sorry a** and start thinking baseball.  Currently, I am watching the Yankees@Angels.  As a renegade red sox fan, it is difficult for me to acknowledge anything good about the evil empire.  That being said, I do enjoy watching this Yankee team play.  I don’t even mind when they win.  Right now, Robinson (paddle-my-own) Canoe might be the hottest hitter in baseball, if we only look at everybody’s last three plate appearances.  Everything he hits is a frozen rope.  Oh well, Orioles@Red Sox, Matusz vs. Lackey

Hello world!

December 24, 2009

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